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Construction and or Installation of Civil Services

G-Man Construction and Plant Hire has the capacity to tackle large road construction and civil projects, often in remote areas. With extensive industry knowledge, experience and hands on project management team, G-Man Construction and Plant Hire are able to meet the client’s needs.

Our unique and innovative combination of experience, drive, expertise and dedication enables us to meet and overcome the challenges of every project.

All Our G-Man-Construction employees are well-trained and committed to completing tasks in a way that promotes community growth, builds long-lasting legacies and cements relationships in order to build client trust.

G-Man Construction and Plant Hire creates a WIN-WIN culture for all, by ensuring not only the clients need are met but the community benefit from the project as well.

G-Man Construction and Plant Hire ensures that every project proceeds in an ethical and transparent nature, resulting in out Clients and Community Members knowing that G-Man Construction company to trust.

We are dedicated to delivering a work environment that promotes safe and effective operations.

  • Storm water structures
  • Sewers
  • Water reticulation
  • Sleeves and Ducting