Services | Routine Road Maintenance

Routine Road Maintenance

G-Man Construction & Plant Hire specialises in Routine Road Maintenance and pavements. We offer a diverse range of specialised services that include asphalt surfacing, pavement layering, road sealing and the installing of all drain types. We aim deliver service excellence to meeting and exceeding client expectation.

G-Man Construction & Plant Hire is recognised for its high quality, reliability and service excellence to both the South African Government and the Infrastructure Sector. We are dedicated to delivering a work environment that promotes safe and effective operations.

Routine Road Maintenance Services Include;

  • Accommodation of Traffic according to Road Traffic Signs Manual
  • Pavement Layer Repairs
  • Road Patching
  • Pothole repairs
  • Edge break repairs
  • Repair of road surface failures
  • Crack sealing (Geotextile & Hot modified bitumen)
  • Surface treatment of surface roads (Slurry)
  • Bleeding repair
  • Repair & maintenance of inlet and outlet structures
  • Subsoil drain installation and maintenance
  • Cleaning of waterway structures
  • Cleaning of culverts
  • Cleaning and maintenance of concrete structures
  • Edge build-up removal
  • Concrete channel construction and maintenance
  • Fencing
  • Shoulder repairs
  • Stabilisation of cuttings
  • Erection and repair of permanent road traffic signs
  • Road sign cleaning
  • Road studs
  • Guardrail erection and maintenance
  • Road markings
  • Maintenance of lay-byes and rest areas
  • General erosion protection
  • Gabion protection
  • Controlling vegetation growth (Mowing and Cutting)
  • Chemical control of vegetation
  • Physical eradication
  • Minor repairs to road side structures